Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new workspace!

Well, not really a new space, exactly, but a new way to be in the same space.

My husband and I share an office/studio space in one room of our apartment. He takes up most of it with his music equipment, but I have my own little corner. After we moved in, I began tacking up photos and greeting cards as inspiration, along with vintage maps of Paris and San Francisco. Eventually, though, it began to feel messy: the wall, the desktop, under and around the desk...

Then, around Christmastime, I received a calendar as a gift when I ordered Little Italy by Jennifer Altman, which is a lovely book of travel writing, recipes, and Polaroid photos taken in Italy (my reigning favorite country, with France, Mexico and England close behind). The calendar turned out to be equal in quality and beauty to the book. So, although I had at first envisioned adding the current month's photo to my motley collection of images, I changed my mind and decided I wanted them all up, year round. It's not only time for new inspiration, but for some order.

Although I can't seem to keep my desk clean or organized, no matter how hard I try, I have at least uncluttered the wall. Healthy habits start somewhere, right?