Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rollers have arrived!

There is a saying that sometimes gives me great comfort: Even delays can prove beneficial.

I hope that is the case here. Though my excitement about my letterpress has not faded, it has been tempered by reality, which is to say that there are many things besides the press itself to consider.

But, at long last, the rubber rollers arrived!

The rollers have arrived!

I can't show them fitted on the press because the press needs adjusting - by, hopefully, a professional. If I mounted the rollers now, they'd knock against things they aren't meant to touch.

My Boxcar Base finally came too, after being back-ordered and then lost in the hubbub of the holidays.

Boxcar Base

It's heavy. And magnetic. Card designs and type will be turned into thin polymer plates that will mount onto this base. As beautiful as wood and metal type are, this nifty base eliminates the need for sets of fonts.

Sometimes small victories should be celebrated, no?  I have yet to find somewhere to put the press besides the living room floor, or a table large and strong enough to hold its weight, and I need to order some custom ink, and, certainly not last and not least - design something to be made into a printing plate!


  1. Hooray! You're one step closer to your first printed piece! :)