Friday, September 4, 2009

the card society.

It may be that no one else finds this as interesting or as exciting as I do, but I stumbled across a link to the card society on a blog I love: 3191 miles apart.

Imagine this: like any wine or coffee club, or books or CDs-by-mail, this is a society(!) for those who like letterpress greeting cards. I guess this proves the world and Internet are truly full of anything one can imagine. If you join, you receive two cards a month by mail, and they are unique, limited edition, and exclusively available only to society members. Memberships are available by increments of one, three, six and twelve-months.

Obviously, given this new venture of mine, I have to sign up!


  1. hee hee - I can think of no better society for which you should belong.. although hmm... if there were a grey rabbit society you might have to join that one as well.. or a cupcakes anonymous group.. shall I go on?

  2. Have you thought about submitting your own cards for inclusion in the monthly subscription once you get started?