Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Holiday Card

Hopefully our holiday cards have all reached their destinations. I didn't intend to wait until the last moment to design and print our cards this year, but due to some circumstances beyond our control, we spent much of the Christmas prep time away from home - and away from the letterpress.

I wanted to create a letterpress photo card (much like what Apple offers here), as it was Izzy's first Christmas, but I wasn't sure where I could order only the photo print, on nice card stock.

So we went for an A6 flat card on Paper Source's lovely new Savoy Cotton paper and sent a separate photo of our daughter. We were trying to keep it simple, and were hoping for a sort of modern vintage feel. I'm not super thrilled with how the cards came out, but they made it into the mail before Christmas!

Untitled Untitled

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