Friday, May 6, 2011

Color + Packaging: Opinel Knives

Over the weekend I ventured across bridge and bay to check out a warehouse sale of products made in France and came home with these colorful knives by Opinel. They are sharp(!) in more ways than one.

Aside from a nice block of kitchen knives we received as a wedding gift, we were still using a very dull set of table knives I bought at a discount store about 15 years ago, and had only one paring knife in constant rotation. We hardly need more kitchenware, but in this case there was no danger of buyer's remorse. Luckily, my husband likes the knives too. He said, "You should put those on your blog." So, here they are, cute as a knife can be (if you like cute knives).


  1. They're adorable! You'll look so smart cutting into your fruit! :)

  2. They're really cool. Opinel are bringing out some cool knives recently and going slightly away from the traditional design. I came across this Opinel knife the other day. quite jazzy in contrast to the older stuff. It has a whistle built in and everything.