Friday, April 9, 2010

Guest posting today at Muse Silk Paintings!

Thanks to Angel of Muse Silk Paintings who invited me to post over here today. Less a sneak preview and more #11 on my 10 stylish stationary finds:

are these Gracias Cactus Letterpress note cards from delphine STUDIO. I just love them; they're stylish, but also fun and not too fancy. Just in time for the weekend, right? Thanks for visiting me at Muse Silk Paintings, and have a wonderful Friday, all.


  1. yay! you are officially a professional if you are doing guest blogging, girl. also, i love the new look (what is that font??). xo.

  2. The font on the header? It's called Morado. It's a downloadable, free font on, I believe!

  3. Woohoo!! Thanks so much for your guest post, Suz! That was such a cute Friday Finds!!