Tuesday, November 10, 2009

theories of relativity.

I'm having a lot of creative firsts lately. Not first-ever kind of experiences, but first-in-a-long-time types of things.

And I learned the hard way, this weekend, that I had the wrong type of paint for the particular object I wanted to re-paint in our apartment, and reminded myself, by trying, that I was never any good at acrylic or oil painting on canvas.

Photography-wise, I'm playing with new cameras, but also using older cameras in new ways. I shot color film on a manual SLR that I've only ever used to shoot black and white. I thought the light meter was broken but the roll turned out basically okay. On their own the pics aren't fantastic, but I like the way they look when put together:

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  1. These are gorgeous shots! I love the shadow play and especially the bunny. :) p.s. I disagree about your talent with acrylics - you were quite good!