Friday, November 13, 2009

falling in love with fifi lapin.

Sfgirlbybay guest blogger anh-minh wrote yesterday about decorating one's house with fashion illustrations, cheaply found second-hand. At the bottom of her post she also included some other illustrations, including this:

If you know me at all, this is pretty much the best fashion illustration I've ever seen. Immediately I followed the links to the Fifi Lapin Shop.

Lapin is French for rabbit. Here at home with me, I have an 11-year-old rabbit named Simon. I think Simon could have a little crush on Fifi and her cute outfits.

Fifi also travels:

Moreover, while you can purchase nice prints of these illustrations and photos, you can also purchase ... yes, greeting/post cards.

As my final aside, I've also had my eye on this rabbit illustration by eekdesign on etsy:

I'm trying to think of what Simon would wear if he wore clothes... I think maybe a cool old-timey hat.


  1. umm this is quite ironic - we should talk soon.. it's a little bit TOO crazy how much on the same wave length we are!

  2. I have just found and love this blog. I have a bun in the family myself :)
    aaaand ducks and dogs and snails....