Wednesday, October 28, 2009

polaroid notes.

Polaroids are experiencing a sort of Renaissance right now, even as the remaining stock of film is pretty expensive. I never had my own Polaroid camera, although my mother managed to score some cameras and film for our wedding:

(photos by our photographer, Pei-Pei Ketron of Penelope's Loom)

We had our guests take pictures of themselves with the cameras and slide them into a guestbook, where they also wrote a note. It was really successful and fun to look through later.

Polaroids remain popular, I think, because they capture the mood or feelings of a moment. The minute details of an image become less important, and certainly less clear. A Polaroid is like a memory; fuzzy but evocative. So, what could be better than the marriage between Polaroid photos and note cards?

Chronicle Books has released a curated set of Polaroid photos as note cards. Here's a little preview of some of my favorites:

Even better, these Polaroid notes by Fieryeyed Photography on Etsy, are images of Italy, which is still my reigning favorite country despite not having been in 10 years. I came across these thanks to Pia Jane Bijkerk's blog.

As much as I love letterpress printing, there are some things a platen press just can't do.


  1. i LOVE these photos! there really is nothing like the real lovely.

  2. Love these combinations. The Genesee Center for the Arts & Education here in Rochester New York combines education and studio access for a variety of visual arts - including photo and letterpress. A great combo! Keep at it!

  3. The center sounds like such a great resource for the community. Thanks for your comment and for checking out my blog!