Monday, October 26, 2009

fun with fotos.

Getting my press up and running isn't translating well to interesting blog posts these days. While I am ordering small parts and supplies (tympan paper, keys, quoins, ink knives, pins, etc.), these items won't make sense to anyone who isn't using a letterpress.

I've also run into a few roadblocks (suppliers with backlogs, slow responses, a leaking living room (the press is currently covered with a drop cloth), and a computer out of disk space (hello, small, trial versions of Illustrator and InDesign!), I am starting to worry I won't make my Christmas deadline, but we shall see.

In the meantime, I've been having a lot of fun learning more about photography. I bought a mini-Diana camera, which takes 35mm film instead of 120, and for lack of my own Polaroid, I've been using to create falsies.

Here are a few. They capture bits of my Fall - my fascination with the light, a trip to city hall with my husband to file a friend's marriage certificate, where we incidentally got stuck in a fire drill, and, as ever, taking walks around my beautiful, perfect city ...

While I love those twilight and morning hours, it's about time for the haunting hour:

Happy Halloween! This year we're staying in and watching scary movies, for which I am grateful and excited.

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