Friday, August 21, 2009

reconnaissance mission:

Reconnaissance missions usually require the gathering of information about an enemy, but my informal and spontaneous little mission was quite the opposite. I set out over lunch yesterday, ostensibly to return something to Radio Shack, and to pick up a birthday card for my husband's younger brother. By the time I returned home, I had 11 new cards, and none for the intended recipient.

But I love discovering new card makers - whether they are new on the block, or just new to me. Everyone has such different, creative ideas and ways in which to view the world.

I especially liked Tomoko Maruyama, who has a fun San Francisco series, and some really great cards for expectant mothers. (And in my life, 'tis the season of baby showers!)

Another favorite (from Park Life) were by Yellow Owl Workshop:

Finally, and last but not least, Hamburgerpanda scores points for their name alone, but also for this:

Actually, none of the cards were printed by letterpress, and the fact that I bought only cards made by local or small/independent artisans was also by chance - they were simply the cards I liked the best.

The highlight of the shopping excursion was talking to a woman at Cherish, and finally having the courage to ask: Where and how do you buy your cards? She was really helpful and encouraging and provided a wealth of information, as a starting point. Plus an invitation to come back with my cards someday down the line!

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  1. You ROCK and that is super exciting.. not sure how I missed this post.. but I have full confidence that once you get going, any store will be lucky to have you!