Thursday, August 20, 2009

i ♥ pantone.

My faux Pantone color guide arrived in the mail just the other day, purchased on eBay for only $20. The Pantone colors are authentic although the guide was published by a now defunct sister company, and while the guide is brand new, it doesn't contain colors developed in the past 9 years. It probably does not contain today's color of the day, for example: Mistletoe PANTONE 16-0220.

Still, a person has to choose their financial battles. The purchase of the press itself, and also this week, the chase, bought directly from Craftsmen Machinery, were sizable enough purchases for the month of August. Eventually I hope to get some newer color guides, including the Metallics, but for now this will do.

I'm going to be starting with a green ink - not because I particularly love green, which I don't, or because of its environmental associations. I'm going with green because limes are ... green. I'm a literal girl.

I came across this article on the Pantone website, entitled "go with green," full of fun facts:
  • The green color family is the largest color family discernible to the human eye
  • The use and popularity of green colorations are on the upswing in all design disciplines
According to the article, people's feelings about green vary widely, as do our associations with the color - or rather, particular shades of green. "Peridot Green PANTONE 376, signifies renewal, life and the freshness of the great outdoors," for example, while, and unfortunately for me, "The yellow-green shades such as chartreuse evoke the most negative of emotions, according to the Pantone Consumer Color Preference Study which rated chartreuse as the color consumers disliked the most." I'll give that some thought.


  1. lol lol pantones are my life.. let's talk

  2. agreed. Pantone is rad! I tried to find the pantone wallet online, but it's nowhere to be found. I guess I'll be heading to Park Life soon.