Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Isobel's Birth Announcements

Nearly everyone who reads this blog should have gotten Isobel's birth announcement in the post by now, so I think we're safe to post a few images.

A few notes - I designed the announcements before she was born and filled in the details afterward. My mom came over to watch Isobel while I printed these; it was actually the rest of the prep work, not the printing, that took the most time - cutting and adhering photos (why did I think wallet sized photos would come perforated? isn't this the future?) and tracking & writing down addresses. So, a tip for moms-to-be, address the envelopes before the baby comes!

I thought they turned out rather well, but here's my lovely daughter's take:

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  1. Clearly, she didn't approve. ;) That last photo is priceless! The announcements are lovely, by the way. We have ours hanging on our fridge. :)