Monday, January 10, 2011

Why the Devil Don't You Write?

I picked this up at last year's Vintage Paper Fair:

My intention at the time had been to send it to a particular someone - someone who, for some reason, has always tolerated this kind of behavior from me. But I never did send it, and now I don't think I'm likely to. I'm somewhat resolved to be less obnoxious and more of a grown up this year.

This postcard is undated, though it was sent from Harry to Ella (Miss Ella, I should say) and it seems that Harry was directing the question to himself. Postage at the time was 1 cent domestic and 2 cents foreign, and the backside was intended for the address only. This year I saw quite a few postcards aimed at goading a friend or relative into writing, though this was the only one to invoke el diablo.


  1. Suzanne, you're the least obnoxious person I know! This is a great card - you should send it, especially if your friend appreciates stuff like this. :)

  2. send it, of course. so good. xo.