Tuesday, June 1, 2010

National Stationary Show Web Round-Up

Someday I hope to attend the National Stationary Show. The 2010 show happened in mid-May in NYC, and Design*Sponge provided coverage of the show (what they liked, what they saw trending) in a series of posts. All the just plain pretty stationary aside, here are a few things that jumped out at me.

(1) A sweet one from The Great Lakes:

(2) A vintage aluminum Christmas tree, from pancake & franks, which I love for obvious reasons:

(3) This cheeky, clever print from Old Tom Foolery:

(4) And from their website, and because I used to have grandiose visions of myself working for newspapers, I also loved the idea and look & feel of The Headlines Collection:

(All pictures from Design*Sponge, except the latter two, from Old Tom Foolery.)

Pretty random, I know. Kind of amazing to read through the full Design*Sponge coverage to see just a fraction of what's out there -- all the good design and fun prints.

In other news: my letterpress moved to our studio room this weekend and sits atop its new desk! Big thank you to my husband and his buddy Matt for their brute strength.

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